Meet Cerbo!

Cerbo is an Artificial Intelligence library that allows you to preprocess data and train state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning models with the ultimate layer of abstraction.

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Cerbo's Purpose.

StartOnAI intends to dispel the stigma that AI programming requires significant prerequisite knowledge, a driving factor in decreasing the approachability of AI education.

The Need

Educators have an increasing need for Artificial Intelligence coding libraries that maximize the level of approachability to drive student engagement with these in-demand topics. 

Our Solution

Cerbo offers educators the ultimate level of abstraction to improve approachability in a beginner-friendly programming language. Cerbo is a tool that teaches the fundamental coding skills associated with AI.

Our Community

Already in use by over 5,000 students globally, Cerbo has an active community that can answer questions and request improvements based on industry values and needs.