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Our Videos and Tutorials

We profoundly believe in the ability to empower individuals through high-quality instruction. StartOnAI content is produced by students for students, and our curriculum is designed to teach our students the fundamentals and most in-demand skills in Artificial Intelligence.

Our Mission.

"To make Artificial Intelligence education approachable, affordable, and accessible to all."

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Our Goals

We are an educational platform dedicated to providing simple yet effective tutorials for students to interact with and understand AI at the core level. 

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Our History

There are several free platforms that teach coding but none that specialize in AI. StartOnAI was developed by a high schooler in Silicon Valley who wished to spread his love of AI.

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Our Team

We are a community of Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts and students from across the world. Think you would be a good fit? Be sure to apply!

  • StartOnAI works with over 30 partners across the world
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